PDCA Shirt policy 2013-14

The following guidelines give clubs an idea of what shirts can be worn during competition during PDCA matches.

Please note: These are only guidelines. Shirt designs MUST be approved by the association before use. You will need a design and/ or a prototype supplied by the manufacturer to email or show to the association committee.

The shirts should be:
(a) White or cream short or long sleeve shirts, with collar.
   Clubs may apply, team by team, to the Executive Committee for approval for shirts to have:
   (i) The club name and/ or emblem and/ or a motif and/ or sponsor’s name on the left hand and/ or right hand front or sleeve of the shirt which will be no more than 125mm square and/ or
   (ii) A collar with the club’s name and colours on it and/ or
   (iii) Some extra colour on the shirt and/ or
   (iv) A manufacturer’s emblem/logo may be on the shirt providing the emblem/logo is no larger than 6 cm in diameter.
   (v)  A number on the back of the shirt within the approved size and colour
          - Digits on the number must be no more than 250 mm  high.
   (vi) The player's surname can be on the back
         - First name initials are allowed if required to distinguish between players.
         - The name can be abbreviated if long (abbreviations must be approved).
         - Letters in the name must be no more than 75 mm high.
         - No nicknames are allowed.

(b) Shirts previously approved by the association can continue to be worn.

(c) No one may act as a sub fielder unless wearing the team shirt as approved by the Executive Committee or a plain white shirt. The wearing of tank tops or similar or being shirtless will not be permitted.

See below for a sample shirt design
Sample Shirt Design


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