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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
117843216614820052994510178Dylan McIverCraigmore "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 2Eastern Park "A"
2133637939148112592994510133Ben McMullenEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 1Craigmore "A"
3130902826148140732994514130John CrosbieDublin "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 14 1Virginia "A"
411357666614855412994513113*J P POGASAngle Vale "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 14 1Craigmore "A"
511058315414819962994503110Anthony C LEWENDONSalisbury West "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 12 1Riverside "A"
610842535214820042994512108Luke J HarrisRiverside "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 14 1Parafield Gardens "A"
7102108245314820042994512102*Sam RobinsonRiverside "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 14 1Parafield Gardens "A"
89558017014811259299450595Nathan S McIverEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 12 1Parafield Gardens "A"
9854321661482005299451385Dylan McIverCraigmore "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 14 2Angle Vale "A"
10845831791481996299450884Travis McIntyreSalisbury West "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 1Angle Vale "A"
118258017014811259299450582Nathan S McIverEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 12 2Parafield Gardens "A"
12815840531481998299449981John NatsiasVirginia "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 1Salisbury West "A"
13784312151481998299450778Shaun LayVirginia "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 1Riverside "A"
147590282614814073299452275John CrosbieDublin "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 16 1Angle Vale "A"
15745787401482005299451074Dylan J WILSONCraigmore "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 2Eastern Park "A"
16735766411485541299451873*A D MEREDITHAngle Vale "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 15 1Parafield Gardens "A"
177258004414811259299451072B WOODWARDEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 1Craigmore "A"
18725832111481996299450372Willi SEWELLSalisbury West "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 12 1Riverside "A"
197063793914811259299450270Ben McMullenEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 1Dublin "A"
206961564814814073299450269Lachlan GossDublin "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 2Eastern Park "A"
21685766661485541299450468J P POGASAngle Vale "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 12 1Virginia "A"
226790282614814073299450967John CrosbieDublin "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 1Parafield Gardens "A"
23665766661485541299451866J P POGASAngle Vale "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 15 1Parafield Gardens "A"
24656077791485714299450965*Matthew AthertonParafield Gardens "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 1Dublin "A"
25654310901482005299450665Trent E PayneCraigmore "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 12 2Dublin "A"
26654321661482005299450165Dylan McIverCraigmore "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 1Parafield Gardens "A"
276413773191485714299451864Dylan TaylorParafield Gardens "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 15 1Angle Vale "A"
286258011714811259299450262Peter J DiedrichsenEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 1Dublin "A"
29595794491485714299450159*Matthew MarsdenParafield Gardens "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 2Craigmore "A"
30595766241485541299450059James KellyAngle Vale "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 1Riverside "A"
315990282614814073299450259John CrosbieDublin "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 2Eastern Park "A"
32594310901482005299451059Trent E PayneCraigmore "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 2Eastern Park "A"
33594321661482005299451959Dylan McIverCraigmore "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 16 1Virginia "A"
34595831791481996299452059*Travis McIntyreSalisbury West "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 16 1Parafield Gardens "A"
35584312151481998299451958Shaun LayVirginia "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 16 1Craigmore "A"
36585934581481996299452358*David G WardSalisbury West "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 17 1Dublin "A"
375858004414811259299451658*B WOODWARDEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 15 1Virginia "A"
385558929114811259299452155A Tuckwell-EleftheriadisEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 16 1Riverside "A"
395390259214814073299451753Ben StarrDublin "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 15 1Riverside "A"
405390259214814073299451453Ben StarrDublin "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 14 1Virginia "A"
41535835301482004299450753*Adam ColbourneRiverside "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 13 1Virginia "A"
42536294241485714299450153Allen J CauchiParafield Gardens "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 1Craigmore "A"
435258017014811259299450252*Nathan S McIverEastern Park "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 1Dublin "A"
445110824531482004299451751Sam RobinsonRiverside "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 15 1Dublin "A"
45505831541481996299449950Anthony C LEWENDONSalisbury West "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 11 2Virginia "A"
46505766411485541299452250*A D MEREDITHAngle Vale "A"2018/2019Sportspower Grade 16 1Dublin "A"
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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