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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
115458315412619962735913154Anthony C LEWENDONSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 12 1One Tree Hill "A"
215326603012620052735910153Ryan S ParkerCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1One Tree Hill "A"
313943121512619982735918139Shaun LayVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 1One Tree Hill "A"
413463793912620042735947134*Ben McMullenRiverside "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 110 1Dublin "A"
511158317612619962735941111*D J McIntyreSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 19 1One Tree Hill "A"
610843121512619982735965108Shaun LayVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 1SF 1Craigmore "A"
7104908428126140732735919104Mark SammonsDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 1Riverside "A"
810357944912657142735957103Matthew MarsdenParafield Gardens "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 1Salisbury West "A"
910358317612619962735957103D J McIntyreSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 1Parafield Gardens "A"
1010157666612655412735911101J P POGASAngle Vale "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1Riverside "A"
1110058315412619962735933100Anthony C LEWENDONSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 17 1Dublin "A"
12935786371261989273591093Mark GEBAUEROne Tree Hill "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1Craigmore "A"
13885831061261996273596188Justin DAVIESSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1Dublin "A"
14885786381262005273596488Travis L GEBAUERCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1Parafield Gardens "A"
158765748212614073273591987Bailey ToddDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 1Riverside "A"
16835840571261998273591883Ashley NicholasVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 1One Tree Hill "A"
17794365881261998273596279Anthony BascombeVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1Riverside "A"
18775832111261996273592177Willi SEWELLSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 14 2Riverside "A"
19764312151261998273590976Shaun LayVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1Salisbury West "A"
20765766341265541273596376Andrew S MacGregorAngle Vale "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1One Tree Hill "A"
21745840531261998273594674*John NatsiasVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 110 1One Tree Hill "A"
22745832091261996273591374Jake SEWELLSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 12 1One Tree Hill "A"
23737116481262005273591073j j parkerCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1One Tree Hill "A"
247358164212614073273594773William HartDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 110 1Riverside "A"
25735767041265541273596373*M A TOWNLEYAngle Vale "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1One Tree Hill "A"
267213773191265714273592372Dylan TaylorParafield Gardens "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 14 1One Tree Hill "A"
27715840531261998273596271*John NatsiasVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1Riverside "A"
28665831791261996273593366Travis McIntyreSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 17 1Dublin "A"
296562007712614073273591265Tim MacartneyDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1Parafield Gardens "A"
30655832091261996273596165Jake SEWELLSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1Dublin "A"
31644321661262005273596064*Dylan McIverCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 2Angle Vale "A"
32644365881261998273595464Anthony BascombeVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 112 1Parafield Gardens "A"
33645786381262005273591764Travis L GEBAUERCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 1Salisbury West "A"
346490281812614073273591964Heath WalkerDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 1Riverside "A"
356290282612614073273595562John CrosbieDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 112 1One Tree Hill "A"
36615835301262004273595961Adam ColbourneRiverside "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 1One Tree Hill "A"
37615786381262005273596061*Travis L GEBAUERCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 2Angle Vale "A"
386158164212614073273595861William HartDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 1Virginia "A"
39605832091261996273594560Jake SEWELLSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 110 1Craigmore "A"
40604365881261998273592660*Anthony BascombeVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 15 1Parafield Gardens "A"
41601403141265541273593260Aaron MeredithAngle Vale "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 16 1Craigmore "A"
42605726301261998273592260*Anthony SeccafienVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 14 1Angle Vale "A"
43594312151261998273592259Shaun LayVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 14 1Angle Vale "A"
44588336051262004273591158Aaron SchultzRiverside "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 2Angle Vale "A"
45585832111261996273590958Willi SEWELLSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1Virginia "A"
46582660301262005273591458Ryan S ParkerCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 12 1Virginia "A"
47584359311265541273591658Ben StaszukAngle Vale "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 12 1Dublin "A"
48588336051262004273594758Aaron SchultzRiverside "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 110 1Dublin "A"
495758164212614073273596157*William HartDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1Salisbury West "A"
50571403141265541273592257Aaron MeredithAngle Vale "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 14 1Virginia "A"
51565780801265714273591256*Phil WyleyParafield Gardens "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 2Dublin "A"
52565786381262005273595656Travis L GEBAUERCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 112 1Riverside "A"
53564252051261989273595956Ryan COSGROVEOne Tree Hill "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 1Riverside "A"
54549833581262004273595954Steven HughesRiverside "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 113 1One Tree Hill "A"
55545786891262005273596454M MCIVERCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 114 1Parafield Gardens "A"
56535832111261996273596653Willi SEWELLSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 1SF 1Angle Vale "A"
57535945641261989273592353Jack BANWELLOne Tree Hill "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 14 1Parafield Gardens "A"
585293431912614073273593352*Dean M WestDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 17 1Salisbury West "A"
59525835111261989273591852Adam WALTEROne Tree Hill "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 2Virginia "A"
60515786371262005273591751Mark GEBAUERCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 13 1Salisbury West "A"
61514312151261998273591451*Shaun LayVirginia "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 12 2Craigmore "A"
62514321661262005273596551Dylan McIverCraigmore "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 1SF 1Virginia "A"
635065748212614073273591250Bailey ToddDublin "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 11 1Parafield Gardens "A"
64506119031261996273592150*Andrew ParkhouseSalisbury West "A"2017/2018Sportspower Grade 14 2Riverside "A"
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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